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Pond and fountain maintenance - $169 per hour or $2,099 per year (We ARE currently accepting new yearly clients)


Most ponds require a single 1-hour visit per month. We test water, clean filters, maintain aquatic plants, scrub rocks, inspect equipment, examine fish health, clean pump intakes, and ensure pristine water conditions.

Chemicals, food, parts, and repairs are not included in maintenance fees and will be billed separately. 

Emergency Service - $200 starting cost

The Emergency service charge is applied when immediate service is requested causing another client to be rescheduled.


Usually caused by fish health being threatened, which leads to additional costs for chemicals, medications, or repairs. 

Call 727-288-4430 for emergencies.


Basic waterfall or skimmer repair - $400

The most common skimmer or waterfall repair is replacement of the hardware and sealant in the area where the liner is attached. Other repairs include check valve replacement, plumbing repair, bulkhead replacement, stone barrier adjustment, weeds and root clearing, filter media replacement, or complete removal/replacement.

Pond Vacuum Service - $200 per hour

For those who perform their own maintenance but need help with seasonal debris buildup.

Pond and Fountain Rebuilds - cost varies

Refurbishment and rebuilds can vary greatly in cost.

To get a free quote or ballpark cost call 727-288-4430.

You can see our previous projects along with estimated cost on our BEFORE AND AFTER page

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