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Tropical Leaves

Largo, FL

Florida Botanical Gardens

You can find several examples of our work at The Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. We are responsible for their impressive indoor koi pond near the gift shop as well as the reconstruction of the Egyptian water garden exhibit.

Admission is FREE so stop by sometime!

St. Petersburg, FL

A Perfect Birthday Gift

We were asked to look at a recently purchased home and suggest a solution regarding a permanent home for the beloved koi of the client's young son. At the time, they were in a small transport/quarantine tank and time was a factor.

After visiting the property, we found little usable space for a new pond. However, we DID have an old fountain which was no longer operable and had no pump or electricity...

We dug a 1,000 gallon pond with a natural edge using the existing ground cover to hide the liner. We elevated the fountain while also installing a leaf skimmer, UV pressure filter, submerged LED lighting, aerator bypass, and a much larger pump with adjustable flow control to the fountain.

It was a grand-slam home run! The client is very happy with results


Clearwater, FL

The WAVE Clearwater


We are extremely proud of our work on prominent display in the lobby of The WAVE.

The WAVE is a private, women's-only mental health facility hidden away in Clearwater.

The collection of large koi are always available as company if a client wants to sit and read on the wooden deck and its plush furniture. This indoor pond and lobby are a central crossroads between the entrance, kitchen, crafts room, and elevator to the private rooms upstairs.

In the evening, colored lighting illuminates the landscape as well as the pond and waterfall area. Its a very comfortable atmosphere - day or night.

St. Petersburg, FL

Under the Deck

IMG_20210429_201722 (1).jpg

This was a very fun project tasked to us by a fellow contractor for his own backyard. With limited space, the goal was to make the pond APPEAR larger than it really was by going just under the deck and using LED lights to hide the actual edge.

The pond is stocked with 24 Comet goldfish and a few other premium import goldfish. Its approxamtly 2.5ft deep and holds about 1,000 gallons. It has over 2,000lbs of natural stone. 

The owner was most satisfied with the Ultima II pressure filter, which allows for easy filter cleaning without getting wet or dirty. Simply turn a valve and purge the system, then replace any lost water!


Tampa, FL

Flaming Water

This unique fountain combines fire and water to create a truly jaw dropping display. The pump and automatic fill system are hidden under the pavers. The access panel is disguised to match. The large propane tank is housed in the natural stone outdoor kitchen. The outer walls of the cascade are blue lustre marble with the inner walls being mirrored.


Clearwater, FL

Kasco 1hp VFX4400

This fountain was installed to solve a big problem with stagnant water and mosquitoes. The VFX unit provides aeration and turbulence while also being aesthetically pleasing. It has RGB LED lamps that come on automatically at dusk and illuminate the spray. They can be set to any color, rotate through every color at any speed, even react to music! 

The average cost to install a Kasco is $5,000


Tampa, FL

The Waterwall

The goal for this project was to beautify the unused walkway flanking the swimming pool. We used an existing privacy wall to install a vertical cascade wall fountain and pondless basin. The basin and reservoir house dual pumps. Matching retaining walls were built on both sides and palm tress were added. The fountain wall stone is natural granite, the horizontal capstones are blue pearl marble, the pebbles and retaining walls are Mexican beach rock and black slate. Water covers the entire wall starting at the top and disappearing into the pebbles below.

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